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Storm Lake Iowa Chiropractor Treats Low Back Pain.

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Storm Lake Iowa Chiropractor treats Low back pain.

Low back pain also known as backache, lower back pain and lumbago has tormented many a sufferer and baffled many a doctor with patients seeking help from this seemingly cause-hidden ailment.

Dr. Tim Redenbaugh has been practicing in Storm Lake Iowa since 1999 and has helped many people overcome this debilitating problem. In this post we ask doctor Redenbaugh a series of commonly asked questions about low back pain, as well as some helpful home remedies to fix your aches and pains.

What causes Low Back Pain?
Dr. Redembaugh: Low back pain can have many causes ranging from mild strains all the way to symptoms secondary to cancer, which is why we suggest you be evaluated by a professional if your low back pain continues for more than 3 days. Most commonly low back is the result of lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle combined with long hours seated, commonly at a desk, and poor nutrition combine to create an environment rich for low back problems.

When does low back pan occur?
Dr. Redenbaugh: People often erroneously associate one event with the cause of their low back pain. For example I had a middle aged female patient come into my office seeking help with low back pain and radiating pain into the left leg. She associated the low back pain with her tennis playing activities. Come to find out she had just recently started playing tennis again after ten years. The tennis is unlikely the cause, but could be an aggravating the condition. More importantly this women sits at a desk for 8-10 hours per day and rarely stands or moves away from the desk.

How can sitting at a desk “cause” low back pain?
Dr. Redenbaugh: Sitting is a passive activity and could hardly be considered the “cause” of low back pain. Instead think of sitting as preventing the low back muscles from functioning properly and often enough. Over time a sedentary and desk related lifestyle does not offer the low back muscles enough activity. In its absence peoples low back and related muscles atrophy and weaken. And then when they need it most with activities such as playing tennis or lifting grocery bags, the low back “gives out”.

What should someone do who suffers with low back pain?
Dr. Redenbaugh: We treat many people in our office who suffer from low back pain. Often these people have been to other low back care professionals without any positive results. What makes our office different is our unique approach of finding the cause of the problem physically and related to what activities (or lack of activities). We then look for misaligned (subluxated) bones in and around the low back. This commonly happens after years of poor posture and sedentary lifestyle. Finally we look for ways to prevent the same problem from occurring again. You could summarize our approach as, “Find it, fix and prevent from happening again.”

What can someone do at home to help with their low back pain?
Dr Redenbaugh: If you have had your low back pain problem for more than 3 days you should really seek the advice of a professional who specializes in treating such injuries. Performing additional exercises on an already misaligned low back is like hammering a bent nail harder when you need to remove the nail, straighten it and then hammer (exercise) the nail back in place. Here are some exercises we suggest in our office to help people recover from and prevent low back pain: Low Back Pain Exercise ( ), What back pain exercises help your posture Part 1, What back pain exercises help your posture Part 2. Let me remind people reading this again, in the event your low back pain persists more than 3 days you should have your problem professionally evaluated.

Who is most susceptible to low back pain?
Dr. Redenbaugh: Anyone really can be affected by low back pain. But often it is worse with people whose occupation requires long periods of sitting down, such as teachers and truck drivers. A previous history of low back pain is also common. In other words, if you have suffered low back before there is an increased chance the same problem can return. Low back pain is best to prevent with a program that involves correctly realigning the low back and supporting it with corrective exercises. It is this combination of approaches which is most effective when either adjustments and exercise alone would help, a combination is he best way to treat and prevent low back pain from returning.

Any last thoughts?
Dr. Redenbaugh: If you or someone you know is suffering from low back pain, don’t just ignore the problem and hope it will go away. Low back pain does not resolve itself. More often it is a sign of a deeper problem, such as misaligned bones (subluxation) and a weakness of muscles in and around the low back. If you live in or around the Storm Lake, Iowa area please feel free to call and make an appointment to receive a low back pain evaluation. We will review your full health history and examine you to find the cause of your problem.

Thank you Dr. Redenbaugh for your insights today, we hope our readers will find this information helpful.

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