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What is Computerized Radiographic Measurement Analysis?

cervical radiographic measurement analysis

What is Computerized Radiographic Measurement Analysis

Computerized Radiographic Measurement Analysis or CRMA for short is a software assisted analysis of an x-ray image.

The x-rays are taken with the person in a weight bearing position, either standing or sitting. Once the images have been read for pathology by your chiropractor, they will be sent to a medical radiologist for further review. The radiologist may read the films again for pathology and analyse the images for signs of ligament injuries. Specialized software is used to perform the Computerized Radiographic Measurement Analysis. The analysis can detect and document neck and low back ligament injuries. The medical radiologists confirms the findings.


Cervical Acceleration Deceleration (CAD) injuries

Ligament sprain injuries occur when the physical forces involved in an accident exceed the ability of the body to resist the forces. These injuries are commonly referred to as whiplash injuries. They are also known as Cervical Acceleration Deceleration (CAD) injuries. Ligaments, designed to hold bones together, are torn when the body is quickly forced into abnormal positions. This is seen when the head is forcibly pushed forward and then backwards in what is commonly referred to as a “whiplash” motion. The head moves in a “whipping” manner. These cervical and lumbar sprain strain injuries can lead to chronic degenerative joint disease, also known as arthritis.

Cervical & Lumbar Sprain/Strain Injuries

Sadly, neck ligament injuries are often overlooked by doctors. Here at Redenbaugh Chiropractic we have undergone specialized training to evaluate cervical ligament injuries. If we suspect these injuries we will refer your x-ray images for a Computerized Radiographic Measurement Analysis. We follow commonly accepted treatment guidelines with all of our injury related care including: ICA Best Practices Guidelines,  Croft Whiplash Treatment GuidelinesAMA Guidelines To Physical Impairment, and PCP Guidelines related to injury care. These guidelines are federally approved and appear in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

How can we treat ligament injuries with chiropractic?

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