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What exercises can help a headache?

Headache Exercise

Headache exercise

What exercises can help a headache?

Nobody likes a headache. But, don’t automatically assume the headache is a bad thing.
Sometimes it is a symptom of your body crying out for more water. Dehydration can cause migraine headaches, especially in the heat of summer. Headaches may also be a sign of a more serious injury such as neck trauma.

However, if you are experiencing chronic headaches, you should consult your doctor. If you suffer from headache and nothing has helped, you are welcome into my office. We have safe, gentle and effective headache treatment programs available.

Are you are looking for a simple and effective home self-help solution to help ease your headache stress?
Stretching isn’t a treatment for headaches, it is an effective way to improve your well-being.

How, you ask?

Stretching increases your bodies overall blood flow, engages your muscles and nerve system. When you activate these systems your body is forced to change. Change means growth and growth means movement. Movement is life. Our bodies are designed to move, not sit at a desk all day.

You can try a seated forward bend stretch. The stretch has a long tradition of use in the yoga and acupressure disciplines.
If you are at work sitting in a chair, you can do a similar movement in your desk chair.

Caution: always go slowly, especially if you have not exercised in a while. Listen to your body. If you are feeling some discomfort that is okay, but if you experience sharp pain immediately stop the movement.

Here are the basic steps of the…

Forward Bend Exercise

1. Sit on the floor with legs stretched out in front of you. Keep your knees slightly bent, do not lock them. If this causes any discomfort, you can sit on a folded blanket and bend your knees slightly out to the side.

2. With chin slightly tucked, slowly stretch forward, reaching your hands toward your toes. If you cannot touch your toes, reach for your knees, shins or ankles. Relax your head.

3. As you breathe in, focus your breath along your back and spine. Expanding outwards with each inhalation, and imagining that you are expanding your back like a big balloon. As you exhale, allow your body to relax deeper into the stretch. (See video below)

4. Hold this position for a 1-4 breaths.

You can repeat this exercise for 2-5 minutes. You should notice a decrease in your body’s overall tension.
Once you complete this stretch get yourself a glass of water, you deserve it.

If you have any questions on this video or other headache related questions, please call my office.

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