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Do you or your children suffer with back pain caused by poor iPosture?

Poor posture causing low back pain isn’t new information, but a new name has been coined for it called “iPosture”. The prevalence of portable electronic devices seems to be fueling an epidemic of low back pain and neck pain sufferers and this epidemic seems to be affecting young adults, teens and adolescents the most.
Why are younger people feeling the affects of poor iPosture more?
Poor iPosture could be caused by one or more of the following reasons:
1. Adolescents, teens and young adults log the most time in front of electronic devices, more than 7 1/2 hours a day.1
2. Increases in screen time mean less time for activities such as sports or other leisure time activities.
3. Poor posture leads to strain on the spine and related spinal muscles.

Slouching at your desk computer, looking at your phone or tablet for extended periods of time can contribute to weakened core muscles leading to excessive strain on the low back and neck muscles. When you sustain this strained posture day after day it weakens and alters your bodies natural posture. A weakened posture perpetuates more of the same.

According to a UK website 84% of 18-24 year-olds have admitted to suffering some incidence of back pain in the last 12 months causing an average increased of 1.5 days of lost work (average of 6.74 days for 18-24 year-olds versus 5.12 for 45 to 54 year-olds). 2 A combination of both work and screen time seems to be fueling this increased slouching problem.
A sedentary lifestyle also leads to weight gain, which further alters the position of the spine as it adapts to the increase in body weight.
Slouching is a consciously controlled activity that can develop into a poor habit over time. Poor habits like good habits are formed with practice. According to the survey, older adults (age 45-54) are more likely than than younger adults (18-24) to sit up straight while working at the computer. Sitting up straight is a learned habit, so why are so many adults lacking in this department?
According to Dr. Tim Redenbaugh or Redenbaugh Chiropractic in Storm Lake Iowa sitting for long periods of time isn’t as bad as sitting in a poor position. The spinal column is designed to support our body in an upright position. When we slouch over, the spine and related muscles must work harder to support us. Smaller accessory muscles must then do the work of the larger supporting muscles. These smaller muscles fatigue quicker and when they do they can develop painful trigger points.

What should you do to improve your iPosture?

1. Staying active is one of the best ways to improve your overall health including strengthening your spinal muscles.
2. Get up from your desk as often as possible to stretch and move your body, but a minimum of once per hour.
3. Maintain spinal and posture awareness at all times.
Do you walk with your head down? Do you sit slouched for long periods of time? Do you use your electronic devices in bed and prop your neck at a steep angle? Think about and examine your posture while performing everyday activities and consider ways to improve your posture.

What is good posture?

Good iPosture ideally means your body is positioned in an ideal manner to fully support you while performing your activity. Ideally these positions should be free of pain and strain.
The following infographic can help you better understand the most important points related to posture.

What if you suffer from chronic iPosture?

1. Try the suggestions shown below to improve your posture.
2. If you continue to suffer from chronic or recurring pain have a professional evaluate you.

If you, a family member or friend is suffering with pain related to posture contact our office today to receive a comprehensive professional spinal and health evaluation.


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